Core Capabilities

?/span>  AIL is, first and foremost, a team of seasoned independent and

unbiased analysts. We apply our breadth of experience and analytic expertise to help our customers accurately identify, correctly state, and place in context their issues and problems. We then work with our

customers to identify the most appropriate analytic approaches and tools to address their unique requirements.

?/span>  To assist our customers in solving these problems, we apply rigorous, methodologically sound analytic processes, based on recognized and codified best systems engineering practices.

?/span>  We tailor our approach to the problem, using specifically selected tools, such as advanced operations research techniques, including models and simulations, to provide the necessary analytic insights and quantitative data needed to help you arrive at a solution to your issues.?


Phone: 703-392-0303

Fax: 703-392-0401


To contact us:

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